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Stacy Braiuca

tl;dr 🐿Divergent | 1#11oz 👼🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🪶🇺🇸Tenacious Survivor | 📱GeekGirl | 💕🥜🫓🥞| 3/5 Generator #HumanDesign | Nin se Bodewadmikwe Shishibanikwe | Clinical #SocialWorker | #PublicHealth Educator | RIP 2016 #blabOG | Founder of the Find Your Formula™ Coaching Programs  ♣️🏠 & Wisdom Come to weekly ☕ at 🔗 💯👇🏻 Read more below 👇🏻💯 My name is Stacy Braiuca, affectionately known as The Technology Therapist™ & Squirrel Wrangler.    One thing I know after 25 years as a therapist, is humans want to change, but don’t know how or don’t want to do the work to change. Change is a "constant", yet vital to life.    I have spent my career guiding others through the change process & I am on a mission to spread tenacity and life balance in this world.  As a geek in a non-geek profession (social work and public health) I observed the stress and limitations in productivity technology fear caused my co-workers. This led me to combining my two loves into one arena to solve their fear from a "geek" and a therapist's combined perspective. Now, business leaders hire me to develop sustained passion and profits, because most are lacking resources, falling behind, and failing to invest in themselves.    So I join with them to co-create new paradigms, plans, and processes, to be more efficient, healthy, and reap the rewards of their lives.  Bottom line... without a guaranteed formula, you can't sustain all of the things you love. Let's find your formula at  Come join my free weekly coffee social chat on Wednesday mornings at