Tim Bigonia

With the Journey Through Grief Coaching program, you will become part of a select group of six people who are looking for more than just a once-in-awhile bereavement group. You will discover more about the grieving process through shared experiences, my personal insights, and grief resources I’ve found beneficial in helping me navigate my grief journey. This coaching program allows you to communicate with myself and the group through video, audio, and text, 24/7. You will be encouraged to ask questions, share your story, meet challenges, or discuss issues you are experiencing, all while examining your grief journey with the helping hands of those who are walking the same path. You will have direct access to me most weekdays days 8am - 8pm CST with an average response time of no more than 6 hours. (Usually much less) Let's face it, no one can truly prepare for the grief journey they inevitably find themselves walking. If you're like me, you may often feel as though you are on this path all alone. You may believe no one quite understands the nuances of grief nor are able to guide you effectively through the hills and valleys of this emotional odyssey. Until now. The Journey Through Grief Coaching program provides you with people to speak to when you need it most; experienced voices that will guide you on your journey to grateful once again. Lastly, I encourage you to listen to my podcast, Journey to Grateful, to better understand how I personally approach grief. Find my story and links to the podcast today at JourneytoGrateful.com

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